8 Types of women

The resulting investigation was so revealing that Dr. Robert Epstein, Harvard Professor and former editor in chief of psychology today, recognizes the quality of this research also entities like US ARMY, GE, IBM, Yale University, and many others have used this research as reference for R&D.

We live in a world and age where everyone is unique, being specially created with his own traits of personality. However, specialists have determined that there are 8 main types of women – the Playette, the Social Butterfly, the Hopeful Romantic, the Cinderella, the Private Dancer, the Seductress, the Connoisseur and the Modern Woman. Each one of these types of women has her own personality traits that make her unique when it comes to her desires and the methods she uses to get what she wants.

1. The Playette

This type of woman is a unique combination of idealist, denier and tester. The Playette is like an iceberg, with so many things to discover beneath the surface. She tends to be secretive about her personal life and is cautious when it comes to expressing her emotions. Typically, the Playette is modestly dressed and is a great observer. The desires of the Playette are all about finding the perfect relationship. Speaking bluntly, she wants a man to literally sweep her off her feet. She looks for a man who would woe her, seduce her, tame her and continue to fight for her.

The Playette always gets what she wants, achieving her goals using different means. She uses various tests and trials to protect her heart from men. Moreover, she tries to slow down the progress of a sexual relationship in order to prove to her partner that she is in control.

2. The Social Butterfly

Also known as the “party girl”, the Social Butterfly is that energetic, pretty girl who is the life of the party. She is a combination of justifier, tester and idealist, being just like a butterfly- enticing, beautiful and extremely hard to catch. However, the Social Butterfly is quite different than the Playette, because she embraces an aggressive approach. The problem with this behavior is that the Social Butterfly likes to be the chaser. Most men are afraid of these women, because they think that men should chase women, not vice-versa.

The Social Butterfly likes to try different guys and taste various styles. She will more than likely end up in bed with a guy just because he is confident, rich, well-dressed or sexy. However, this type of women is not ready for marriage or a serious relationship.

3. The Hopeful Romantic

Although this type personality is somewhat old-fashioned, there are many girls and women who are still waiting for the knight in shining armor to save the day. The Hopeful Romantic’s main desire is to have a long-lasting relationship, that’s why she is sincere and extremely feminine. When it comes to her desires, the Hopeful Romantic wants nothing more than a man who is sweet, patient and romantic. Above all else, Hopeful Romantic girls need emotional strength and security.

The Hopeful Romantic seeks emotional fulfillment and sexual gratification from one man only. Her domestic nature makes her the perfect wife who will never cheat her husband, except for extraordinary circumstances.

4. The Cinderella

The Cinderella type is always sexy, exceptionally beautiful, but mature and stylish. She is definitely a head-turner who is always looking for a bright man at her side. However, because she is very passionate and heats up fast, she tends to dive into the wrong relationships, so she ends up disappointed and heart-broken. The Cinderella is looking for men who have a strong combination of sensitivity and strength. Complex men and those who are strong in every aspect are what she looks for. Moreover, she longs to have great sex, but she is also all about relationship and feelings.

A Cinderella’s strategy for finding the right guy mainly depends on her mood. However, expect from a Cinderella to have an old-fashioned perspective on dating – the man should pay at the restaurant, he should drive her home, etc.

5. The Private Dancer

The Private Dancer is a tester, denier and realist type of personality. Women who fall into this category are givers, as they love to share everything they have with the man they love. It’s in their nature to help, contribute and give. Although she is extremely horny and loves to have sex, a Private Dancer will not show that at first. Instead, she might look for self-confidence in those around her.

The Private Dancer is highly independent and career-oriented, and she usually starts looking for a husband in her early 30s, after she has a good position in a company.

6. The Seductress

Just as the name says, the Seductress loves to seduce. She is a very confident and independent woman who is well able to intimidate a lot of men. Most of her desires tend to focus on having sex. She is longing for a guy who is hard to be seduced and is able to make her horny on a regular basis. At some point, she might want a family, but most of the time the Seductress wants to have sex and to have normal conversations.

7. The Connoisseur

This type of personality features an interesting contrast – extremely picky, yet she likes to give. For her, sex is something special and unique, which comes as a result of a personal relationship. The Connoisseur protects her emotions, but she will also be devoted, caring and extremely competent. The challenge with the Connoisseur is that she becomes extremely attached to you once you sleep with her, which leads to various arguments and problems. Her ideal man is the one who fights for her. She looks for a long-term relationship, not just for sexual intercourse.

8. The Modern Woman

A realist, justifier and extremely independent, the Modern Woman has a good job, ambitious goals and she loves to date. The Modern Woman wants a guy with a strong sexual drive, goals and self-confidence. You don’t have to be extremely good-looking or great in bed in order to be chosen by a modern woman. If a woman who is part of this category is single and horny, she will definitely look out for a guy for her. She may go to gym, join a dance club, become a volunteer or spend one night a week in the club. Ultimately, the modern woman wants to be with the right guy, but she can easily cope without a boyfriend.

After all what is your type?

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