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We all want love and someone to be close with. Some guys ultimately just want a girlfriend, someone nice to share experiences with and maybe even fall in love. But it can be a challenge to find that great girl and have a connection that ultimately turns into a full fledged relationship. Here are some ways to get out there and find that special gal.

Top 5 Tips To Find A Girlfriend

1 Learn How To Be Confident

If you’re already confident, that’s great. But some guys don’t have that natural confidence. For many people, confidence is built and learned, not something you wake up with in the morning. Girls are attracted to confidence. Not cockiness, confidence. Stop looking at who you’re not or what’s not great about you. If you like yourself as you are, chances are a girl will too.

2 Be Your Best Self

This may sound contrived, but being your best self is definitely going to help you get a girlfriend. You know how they say when you stop looking, that’s when you find someone? Well, even if you do find someone, if your mood is down, if your clothes are crumpled(or worse, stained or ripped), if you clearly look like you’re in a rough patch in your life, even if you aren’t, it shows a poor self image. First impressions do make a difference. Even if you aren’t your best self now, envision your best self and try to embody that. If you seem like you don’t like yourself, a girl will pick up on that and be turned off. But if you’re striving to be your best self, she’ll be interested. It’s intriguing and attractive.

3 Be Interested, Not Clingy

Desperation is the number one way to drive a potential love interest away. If you reek of needing love, not wanting it, you’re always going to be pushing girls away. Being clingy is not attractive. Being interested in an individual is, on the other hand, very attractive. If you strike up a convo with a cute girl, ask questions, be inquisitive. Don’t talk about yourself and don’t cling to her as your only hope for love. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Act accordingly.

4 Check Out The Bookstores Instead Of The Club

If you’re looking for a girlfriend, the club probably isn’t the number one place you should be hitting up. Sure, every once in a while there will be that girl who just happened to go out with her friends, but most of the time it’s girls who hit the club all of the time. It’s not great girlfriend territory. Hit the bookstores instead. Especially if you like books. If you don’t, start. Girls with boyfriends go to bookstores, but single girls go too. A lot. Some of them are even there hoping they meet someone. There’s a reason why people dress up to go to Barnes & Noble.

5 Move On From Your Past

The past can be a hard thing to shake, especially if you have a broken relationship or two in your rear view. To be ready for a new relationship, you have to let go of the old ones. That means learning from your mistakes and finding closure. When you’re looking to the future instead of the past, you’re open to new experiences. Being ready to move on makes it all the more likely that when someone special comes along, you’ll be in the right place to start something new with a girl who’s incredible.

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