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Some guys know how to seduce a woman and make picking them up easy. Unfortunately, this can be discouraging for those of us who have a tough time catching a woman’s attention.

The important thing to remember is that the lady you are talking to is only human, just like you. Women have their own fears, desires and insecurities just like anyone else. Just like you, they’re looking for someone to provide companionship, security, and yes, even sex. Understanding this is key when learning how to be seductive.

Following a few simple rules will make even the most timid guy a certified lady killer.

How to Seduce a Woman

Be Confident and Be Yourself

This advice is repeated ad nauseum, but it’s important. Women have a very keen sense of a man’s confidence. This is because they know that a self-assured man is more likely to keep them happy both in and out of the bedroom. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, you may as well wear a sign around your neck that says “Stay Away.”

Leave the Pickup Lines at Home

Pick-up lines have been lame and cheesy since the 80’s. These days, women want a man who is willing to be open and honest with them. Asking a woman at the bar if “it hurt when she fell from heaven” is a surefire way to end up drinking alone – and going home alone. To conquer a woman you must be sincere.

Pay Attention to Her

No matter what you think about what makes a woman attracted to you, there is nothing more important than making sure she knows that she has your attention when learning how to seduce a woman. Tell her why you’re drawn to her. Seeing that you notice things in her that make her different will only make her want to impress you more. It’s important to be honest and make sure you mean it every time you compliment her.

Show Her You’re Interesting

You have an entire life’s worth of stories and experiences to draw from when trying to seduce a woman, there is no reason you should ever come off as boring to one you just met. Focus your attention on her, but don’t be afraid to tell a funny story if one comes to mind. Show her you’re interesting and adventurous, and she’ll want to be part of the next story.

Be Observant

Every woman is different, but there are some similarities. For instance, some women like guys who are forward, while others prefer men who build trust before making a move. A good indicator of this is local culture, and this varies quite a bit. As an example, girls in the USA tend to like fellas who have a good mix of being friendly and flirty while women in countries like Poland like men to be more reserved. On the other hand, ladies in New Zealand respond well to aggressive guys.

Learning how to seduce a woman takes patience and a willingness to change the way you think about dating and picking up women. It wouldn’t be nearly as fun it were too easy, right?

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