Most men find a woman who knows how to seduce a man incredibly sexy. Very few things make a man’s pulse rise like the thrill of being pursued by a woman. By understanding the reasons why men develop this intense attraction to someone they have only just met, you can make sure that just about any guy you meet becomes putty in your hands.

Men generally have a primal instinct to be dominant in relationships and are attracted to women who understand that. This isn’t to say that you should pretend to be stupid or a pushover, but understand that guys do not respond well to challenges to dominance like being interrupted or being corrected over needless things. Remember, even though you are the one doing the seducing, making a guy feel like he is winning you over is the best way to make sure that he’ll only pay attention to you. Here are some simple tricks to help any woman conquer a man

How to Seduce a Man

Make Contact

This may seem obvious, but it’s something every woman needs to know. Men love to be touched by women. Even something as innocent as a quick touch on the hand or shoulder can get a guy’s imagination working overtime. If you want to be the focus of those fantasies, find a way to make physical contact when you seduce a man.

Men Want Attention

Make sure your target understands he is the only person you are interested in. You would be turned off if he turned to look at every woman who walked by, so it stands to reason that he expects the same. Keeping eye contact will make sure he doesn’t even think about looking away.

Listen to Him

A man will tell you anything if you let him. Most guys consider themselves interesting and the confidence boost from a woman being generally interested in what they have to say is often all that is needed for him to make his move. Listening and asking follow-up questions is a great way to make him comfortable talking to you.

Know What you are Looking For

Just because you’re learning how to seduce a man doesn’t mean you should settle for the first guy you meet. There are a lot of guys out there and you’re going to be more attracted to some than others. If you’re not seeing what you want, move on. If you find that you aren’t finding guys who meet your expectations, it could be time to make a change.

First, you need to be honest about your expectations. Men are only human, and you could overlook a lot of great guys while waiting for one to meet your standards. Also, maybe try a new location. Dating varies everywhere, from countries like Poland who are more formal, to places like New Zealand and the United States. By paying attention to these simple factors, any women can learn how to seduce a man without really even trying.

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