If there is something that scores of men find daunting is winning a woman’s heart. That most men can never successfully win the game of making out with a lady is in no doubt. But the good news is that a man can manage to attract and successfully make out with the woman of his dreams if he has tips and information on how to do it. If you are struggling to date a girl, here are some top tips on how to attract a woman that will be quiet resourceful to you.

1. Be gentle and slow, don’t rush things

One of the many reasons as to why most men fail to attract and date women is simply because of the manner in which they do things while they are making out with a woman. A man who is gentle and slow while dating a woman ends up earning a lot of marks from her. That is why you should play it calm, cool and gentle in everything you do while making out with your dream lady.

2. Give her a touch

Touch is among the most essential moves that a man can make to create the first impression that will turn on everything. You should therefore touch your dream lady gently on the shoulder, arms or even legs. However, don’t be in a hurry to touch her until you have known each other well.
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3. Kiss her on the neck

The neck is among the most sensitive parts in a woman. A gentle kiss on her neck will loosen the veins and raise body tension hence opening up the opportunity to do more than what you imagine you can do.

4. Nibble her ears

The ear is yet another part that can turn on a woman more than what most men could ever imagine. After making advances on her such as kissing on the neck, you can nibble and kiss her ears gently.

5. Play with her hair

You need to apply a little psychology with this tip. Some women love it but others don’t. If you pull her hair gently and then she doesn’t resist, you can go ahead and play with it. This will gradually increase pleasure.

6. Gently grind your leg in-between her crotch

Now it is the best time to start the big game. You need to get the confidence and experience straight. Start by gently rubbing your leg in between her’s. If she likes it, you can continue moving your leg up. Keep doing till you get to the crotch. This move should be done while both of you are at a standing posture for purposes of best performance and flexibility.

7. Pull her in firmly

This doesn’t mean that you should use force. In fact, it should be done gently and firmly. Never expect any difficulties or rejections. Once you pull her, you can proceed and give her a kiss that will quench everything.

8. Give a tease

Teasing and playing it cool is a romance booster that you will be required to do in order to boost romance. Giving her a tease will make both of you want each other even more.
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9. Grab her butt

A woman’s butt is also another sensitive part especially when everything heats up. Take it calmly and once things continue to brew, start taking it with pace.

10. Hold her chin

Every woman would love to date a man who is capable of controlling her in bed. Therefore, do something that will make her know that you are indeed the perfect man. Holding her chin is one thing that will give her confidence in your ability to control her in bed.

Is There Something Like Best Advice On Dating Women?

There is sheer advice regarding how to attract women out there. Nevertheless, most of it lack seduction, intimacy and attraction aspect. Contrary to what most men think, attracting a woman is an emotional process rather than a social or physical one. Have you ever wondered why some men seem to say the wrong’ things and yet they manage to attract a woman? Have you also asked yourself why there are men who seem to say the right’ things yet they don’t stand any chance with a woman?

This is supposed to show you that what matters most when it comes to attracting women is the motivation, the intention and the authenticity. In this regard, you need to improve your overall emotional life in order to improve your dating life. It is not all about learning lines, dressing up in a certain way and learning routines. It is all about unmasking the attractive and unique man that is inside you and then joyfully expressing it to women. This may sound vague to you, but it has real impact on how you interact with women.
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Make her want to spend time with you

Basically, people decide on whom they want to spend their time with simply based on how they feel whenever they are around that person. If a woman makes a man feel cared for, admired and respected, then the man will definitely be eager to have an affair or a relationship with her.
Women experience sexuality completely different from us men. It may be a bit hard and complicated for us to understand what really makes women feel attracted to men. However, the principle always remains the same. Women date men who can make the feel a particular way.


In summary, you will get a lot of advice regarding how to attract a woman. There are some who will tell you to tease them; others will tell you to buy them gifts while others will encourage you to be cold and calculating while dating them.

But whichever way you choose to pursue with ladies, it is imperative to know that it will create a corresponding relationship with them. For instance, if you opt to be calculating, cold and manipulative with women, there are high chances that you will pursue a relationship with women who are calculating, cold and manipulative as well. On the other hand, if you are desperate and insecure, you will equally attract insecure and naive women. If you decide to pursue women with a harsh and rude manner, you will end up attracting women who elicit harsh

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