Finding a perfect mate is the most important thing for all living beings. For humans it’s little bit different than other beings as our lives is based on emotions and feelings. So here a mate is not just a way to reproduce but a mate is the one with whom the whole life can be spent. Most of us are very fortunate that we get our life mate easily but a big percentage of people are not so lucky and they end up single or with a partner with whom they are not really happy. Main reason is that they don’t date more people because of many reasons which are based on behavior of the person at the time of meeting another person.

When a man and woman are on a date there are several factors on woman side which have to be taken care of, to assure that the person is right for her. Every single woman have different requirements for a perfect man in their life and well its not the topic of concern as every person is different but the thing which matters is that the impact on the man should be so good that he just want to meet you again very soon. Well it is said that while dating a man its easy to make him fall for you is very easy but in real getting a man fall in love with you is not that easy. The things which make difference in these two things are –

Be Genuine

The most important thing is be what you really are, most of the girls do this thing wrong. That is they try to show a personality which they think will impress the other person but their original personality pops out in between in many intervals which as a result mess up the date leaving a bad impression of you. So its always better to be yourself so that you don’t have the burden to act in front of him. This is the most common dating advice which will be given by any one.

Show respect

Respect is the base of mutual understanding. Show respect for the other person by coming on time, listening to the stuff he is saying and giving appropriate reactions too and the main thing to avoid is the ignorance because that will kill the date immediately as the boy will get either nervous or angry and both are not favorable outcomes.

Don’t be an open Vault

Sharing is good way of talking and knowing each other but sharing too much is not good. Remember there is still 2nd and 3rd date to share more, but speaking all stuff on the 1st date is not so good idea. Be careful about physical boundaries, sex on first date is never a good idea because remember there are hounds too out there who just spend one night and then disappear.

Dress smart

– This point is the last one because it’s doesn’t play the major part. Even though the way you look is the first impression on the other person which is also important but still take care to not to wear a lot of makeup and follow that being genuine thing.

Well after keeping these dating advices in mind a date most probably will be a success. But at the end of the day it’s about your satisfaction if you don’t feel that the person is right for you then don’t try to push it.

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Altair Bas

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