Every man alive on this earth wants to have a special woman in their lives. Most of us even get a perfect girl with whom they can spend their lives with, even though sometimes that perfect girl meets us after a few dates. But that’s not the real problem is, the problem which is being faced by the most of the singles is that they don’t know how to get themselves a good date and it’s not that people don’t try to go on a date but its that they make some mistakes and then get sad with the bad results which are obvious. The situation of trying to make things work with a girl can be compared with the situation when a person is defusing a bomb, you take one wrong step and you lose the girl. So what actually to be done while asking a girl out? Well read below and you will get your answer.

Even before we start this, there is one thing which should be made clear first, a girls answer never depends on your looks, so never think that if you are not that good looking then you will get a no or if you are very handsome then surely a yes. Actually in the case of girls its not about the looks its more about the personality you have got. So now let’s understand this ‘Personality’ concept more clearly, now some important dating tips for you guys.

3 Important dating tips for males

Well for women’s a person with a great personality is the one who is-

1. Humorous

This is the basic requirement for all women to even start talking with you, because if you don’t have the ability to make them laugh then maximum chances are that she will drop you at the very starting of your plan to ask her out. So be a funny guy.

2. Confidence

Women have got some kind of confidence meter in their minds and if you are not able to move that meter higher then your first impression will be quite bad. Because what happens is that most of the guys freak out even before the approach and as a result there confidence level goes down and they form a negative cloud around them, and the girls never come even near to these kind of guys who can’t even talk with confidence. So believe in yourself and don’t think that you will get rejected, just go and talk for the sake of talking and nothing else and you will see that you are having a great conversation which is the most important thing.

3. Questions

If you feel that you are loosing the grip on the conversation, then just start asking questions because girls love to answer them. Ask questions like what she is passionate about, what are her future plans, her hobbies and stuff like that. Then when the girls will answer them appreciate them and also add a pinch of humor sometimes when it is appropriate. Now you will see that your this action gives you a plenty of great topics on which you can talk to the girl and which she will love to have a conversation about.

Now when you will have these 3 steps done, ask her out and most probably she will say yes because you spent a great time with her in which you showed your interest in her and was very appreciative person who was confident all the time and she will love to see you again. Remember your words and your action should coincide, so when you talk confidently then act like one too. Keep the eye contact all the time, keep your body faced in the direction of the girl, keep your spine erect and stuff like that.

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