How to Seduce a Man and Have Him Gaga

Most men find a woman who knows how to seduce a man incredibly sexy. Very few things make a man’s pulse rise like the thrill of being pursued by a woman. By understanding the reasons why men develop this intense attraction to someone they have only just met, you can make sure that just about any guy you meet becomes putty in your hands. (more…)

Polish Dating: The Good and The Bad

Dreaming of tropical beaches and Polish-Alaskan photographers

Polish dating can lead to you finding your life partner. There is undoubtedly something unique about these women and as a man, you should definitely explore dating one if you can. Of course, no two gals are the same but certain features and qualities do tend to stand out in females from this central-based European country… (more…)

Couple by Town Lake por jonclegg, en Flickr

NZ Dating Scene – Do New Zealanders Make Better Husbands?


Couple by Town Lake

Finding the Perfect Partner

As a woman, there comes a time in life when you decide to settle down and start a family. However, it is not always easy to find the perfect man. In fact, more and more people are seeking out foreign partners for that exact reason. It gives one the chance to interact with different races, cultures and traditions, and makes it easier to find the ideal companion. (more…)