Psychology studies reveal 8 types of women

8 Types of women

The resulting investigation was so revealing that Dr. Robert Epstein, Harvard Professor and former editor in chief of psychology today, recognizes the quality of this research also entities like US ARMY, GE, IBM, Yale University, and many others have used this research as reference for R&D.

We live in a world and age where everyone is unique, being specially created with his own traits of personality. However, specialists have determined that there are 8 main types of women – the Playette, the Social Butterfly, the Hopeful Romantic, the Cinderella, the Private Dancer, the Seductress, the Connoisseur and the Modern Woman. Each one of these types of women has her own personality traits that make her unique when it comes to her desires and the methods she uses to get what she wants. (more…)


5 Tips How to Approach Women

how to approach women


Most men do not have the right clue about approaching a woman and they end up making mistakes. Also, think too much about what to say and how to portray themselves as a confident person. Here are top 5 tips about how to approach women to catch her attention and make a positive impression. (more…)

5 Simple Tips How to Ask Out a Girl

Date and Dateless

There are many men who feel shy or scared when they want to ask out a girl. The truth is there’s some good reason why a guy should be skeptical about asking out a girl. Rejection can hurt your self esteem and ego. It can be frustrating, embarrassing and unbearable if you don’t do it right. Therefore, you need to know how to ask out a girl. (more…)

Top 5 Tips How To Find A Girlfriend

Another Silhouette picture of my girlfriend in Malta

We all want love and someone to be close with. Some guys ultimately just want a girlfriend, someone nice to share experiences with and maybe even fall in love. But it can be a challenge to find that great girl and have a connection that ultimately turns into a full fledged relationship. Here are some ways to get out there and find that special gal. (more…)

Top 4 Tips How to Get a Girl to Like You

how to get a girl to like you

There are many men who find it difficult to appropriately talk to women, and make them interested. Contrary to popular belief, even handsome and good looking guys are sometimes unable to attract women. In such situations, you may not realize what you are doing wrong or how to find true love. It is important to understand that your overall appearance is important to a woman. However, you need to focus on other important factors too. In this post, we have discussed 4 excellent tips on how to get a girl to like you. (more…)

5 Best Places to Meet Women

Places to meet women

There are many men who feel shy when they’re out of their homes and offices, and can’t find good places to meet women. Most men think they need an introduction through someone to meet a good looking woman. However, if your friends or family members are not willing to hook you up, it’s still possible to visit some best places to meet women. In this post, we’ve discussed 5 such places to help you out. (more…)

How To Meet Women Top 5 Tips

how to meet women

Everybody can meet women, as that is not precisely rocket science – however, attracting women is what turns out to be particularly challenging for most men. If you have decided to get back on the dating scene again and to attract quality, beautiful and intelligent women, then here you will find the top 5 best tips on how to meet women that will certainly work like magic, without even trying too hard:


How To Attract A Girl: 10 Black Belt Tips

If there is something that scores of men find daunting is winning a woman’s heart. That most men can never successfully win the game of making out with a lady is in no doubt. But the good news is that a man can manage to attract and successfully make out with the woman of his dreams if he has tips and information on how to do it. If you are struggling to date a girl, here are some top tips on how to attract a woman that will be quiet resourceful to you. (more…)

dating tips for woman

Dating tips for women

Finding a perfect mate is the most important thing for all living beings. For humans it’s little bit different than other beings as our lives is based on emotions and feelings. So here a mate is not just a way to reproduce but a mate is the one with whom the whole life can be spent. Most of us are very fortunate that we get our life mate easily but a big percentage of people are not so lucky and they end up single or with a partner with whom they are not really happy. Main reason is that they don’t date more people because of many reasons which are based on behavior of the person at the time of meeting another person. (more…)

Dating tips for male

Every man alive on this earth wants to have a special woman in their lives. Most of us even get a perfect girl with whom they can spend their lives with, even though sometimes that perfect girl meets us after a few dates. But that’s not the real problem is, the problem which is being faced by the most of the singles is that they don’t know how to get themselves a good date and it’s not that people don’t try to go on a date but its that they make some mistakes and then get sad with the bad results which are obvious. (more…)