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Most men do not have the right clue about approaching a woman and they end up making mistakes. Also, think too much about what to say and how to portray themselves as a confident person. Here are top 5 tips about how to approach women to catch her attention and make a positive impression.


Smile is a demonstration of the fact that you are a confident and friendly person. It builds a good rapport and a genuine smile will make her feel comfortable and will create an openness in your conversation. Approaching a woman makes one feel nervous but remember to smile to make a good first impression. Approaching her without a smile will make you look quite boring whereas walking towards her with a smile will be a welcoming gesture. She will be inclined towards you and will be interested to make a conversation.

Make eye contact

Women are always attracted to confident men and a steady eye contact suggests your confidence. Instead of trying to catch her eye from far away, try to make an eye contact while you approach her. Try not to break the eye contact when you approach as it may make her feel that you are not feeling nice about approaching her. Also, be judicious with the eye contact by maintaining it whenever one of you is talking instead of staring at her. Constantly staring at her will lower your chances of having a good conversation and will end up spoiling your approach.

Pay attention to her body language

If you wish to approach a woman, make sure you notice her body language. Her body language will be an expression of her thoughts. If she makes an eye contact with you or smiles at you, it is a positive sign that she is equally willing to speak to you. But, if she avoids making an eye contact, stands with her body turned away from you, looks over your shoulder or gives only one word answers, then she is not interested in the conversation.

Do not hesitate

Avoid hesitation as a hesitant approach tells a woman that you are not feeling confident. After you have made an eye contact with her, make sure you walk towards her soon in a few moments. This demonstrates that you are sure of what you want and are bold enough to go after it. Do not wait for long to approach her once you both notice each other otherwise she may feel insecure or nervous about you staring at her. Also, make sure you do not hesitate while speaking to her and speak clearly as it will help you attract her attention.

Have a Good Posture

Your posture defines your personality. Keep your chin up and the shoulders back with confidence. Walk slowly with steps that larger than normal. Throughout your conversation, maintain a good posture and try to lean slightly away from her for a better approach. This posture makes a woman sure of the fact that you are comfortable with yourself and respect her space as well. A woman may feel uncomfortable around a man who leans in too much.

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