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There are many men who feel shy or scared when they want to ask out a girl. The truth is there’s some good reason why a guy should be skeptical about asking out a girl. Rejection can hurt your self esteem and ego. It can be frustrating, embarrassing and unbearable if you don’t do it right. Therefore, you need to know how to ask out a girl.

At times, a guy doesn’t ask out a girl even when he knows her for a long time. He’s scared about getting rejected or humiliated. Moreover, if you’ve been facing rejection for quite some time, you might want to give up. In this post, we have discussed 5 simple tips that can help you ask a girl out without the fear of getting rejected.

1) Don’t Be Too Direct

There are times when the whole dating game seems very difficult and crazy. Therefore, you need to have a better understanding of basic things. This will help you put the right foot forward. In most cases, a guy asks a girl with questions. Thus, the woman has a good chance to reject the offer. You should never ask any questions. Instead, you should make suggestions about going out.

2) Give Advice or Instructions

Most guys ask a woman if she wants to go out. As mentioned above, it can give her a chance to reject the offer. The girl might give an excuse or manipulate the situation. You should always use some subtle suggestions, such as “Let’s go out for coffee sometime” or “There’s a good movie coming up tomorrow. Let’s catch the first show”.

3) Try to Know Her Better

A lot of guys wonder how to talk to girls. In order to succeed, it’s important to say the right things. You should make her feel special. A guy needs to show that he cares about the girl. Before you understand how to ask out a girl, it’s important to know everything about her, including her desires, preferences and personality. However, you should never stalk her. Just maintain some distance, and gather more information about her.

4) Be Spontaneous and Original

Most girls don’t like cheesy pickup lines. Thus, you shouldn’t focus on lines from popular movies, songs or television shows. You should be spontaneous, and come up with original lines. A girl also wants her guy to be humorous. When you don’t want a girl to hurt your self esteem, you need to make her laugh. Your jokes should be subtle, and you should never cross a line.

5) Seek Advice from Professionals

Last but not the least, when you wonder how to ask out a girl, you need to seek advice from professionals. There are many dating websites where you can talk to dating gurus and relationship experts. Before you choose a dating website, you should check some forums and go through customer reviews to know more about the website.

Asking out a girl doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You just need to make some sincere efforts to make her fall for you. If you take the right steps, you won’t face rejection. However, if a girl doesn’t seem interested, you should take a step back.

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